Mar 07, 2024

Wealthy grandpa leaves grandkids $100 each because they didn’t visit him in hospital

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A retired soldier who died in 2020 sparked a bitter family feud among his remaining relatives who are currently in court fighting over his $970,000 fortune.

Deceased former-soldier Frederick Ward Sr. opted to bestow the lion’s share of his $970,000 estate upon his two children Terry Ward and Susan Wiltshire. Meanwhile, the children of his deceased son, Fred Jr., were relegated to a meager $100 each after amending his will in 2018 not to include his grandchildren.

An English court heard that the rift between the grandfather and his grandchildren stemmed from Ward Sr.’s hurt and disappointment over a lack of visitation from his adult grandchildren when he was hospitalised on three occasions due to a debilitating lung condition.

However, Mr Ward Sr.’s grandchildren – Carol Gowing, Angela St Marseille, Amanda Higginbotham, Christine Ward, and Janet Pett – lodged a legal challenge against their grandfather’s will, claiming that they are entitled to the share of the fortune that their deceased father would have gotten had he been alive.

The grandchildren argued that the Will was tainted by undue influence orchestrated by Terry and Susan, who allegedly coerced their father. Furthermore, they cast doubt upon Ward Sr.’s mental capacity, questioning his understanding of the will’s implications.

Despite the grandchildren’s best efforts, Master Brightwell decided to uphold the validity of Ward Sr.’s Will, claiming that he understands the grandchildren’s anguish but the decision to remove them from the Will (with the exception of the meagre $100 inheritance) was his prerogative. 

Moreover, Master Brightwell rebuffed claims of undue influence by Ward Sr.’s surviving children, claiming that the grandfather’s decision, while unconventional, was a reflection of his desires that were unclouded by external coercion.

‘It is most likely that given the changed circumstances following Fred Jr’s death and the limited contact with the claimants after then, that (Frederick Ward Sr.) became disappointed with the claimants,’ Master Brightwell said.

‘He complained that he was not even sent a piece of wedding cake,’ he said.

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  1. I agree with the gentleman changing his will to gift only $100 to his each of his grandchildren. It is just another example of the sense of entitlement that a lot of people have today.

  2. So glad that Frederick Ward Snr Will was upheld and the money went to those he wanted to have it. Just because your blood it doesn’t automatically make you entitled. I want to leave mine to whom ever I want and is deserving. It’s my money and it’s my wish. I would like to know that it’s followed through after my death.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly what this gentleman did. I work in aged care and the lack of visitation to these dear souls is unbelievable, let alone their own children not visiting. When they end up in hospital it’s even more important to see them, they’re never sure whether they’ll be going home again. So to you entitled grandchildren get a life and get over it, teach you to respect the elderly..


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