Jul 06, 2022

Youths allegedly rob elderly woman after act of kindness

Youths allegedly rob elderly woman after act of kindness

Police in Melbourne’s southeast are hoping to identify up to eight teenagers who allegedly robbed an 87-year-old woman in the suburb of Langwarrin last week.

It is believed that the victim was travelling on her mobility scooter at Southgate Linear Reserve in Langwarrin at around 10.30 am when she was approached by a group of youths who asked her for money so that they could buy some breakfast.

The 87-year-old opened her purse and kindly offered the youths $15 in cash when one of the alleged suspects wrestled the woman’s purse out of her hands along with a $100 note that she was holding.

The elderly victim was left shaken by the incident and waited a number of days before reporting the robbery to the police.

Detective Acting Sergeant Jason Hamilton-Smith told 7News that the woman felt “devastated” following the robbery.

He also revealed that the incident may have lasting negative effects on the victim’s character.

“She’s a stoic 87-year-old, fiercely independent, and these people have in some way taken that from her,” he told 7News.

Police in the Langwarrin area are currently investigating video footage from home security cameras in the area along with dashcam footage from local motorists.

Detective Acting Sergeant Hamilton-Smith warned that once identified, the youths will face consequences for their cowardly actions.

“They need to be held to account for what they’ve done, and they really need to curb this behaviour,” said Detective Acting Sergeant Hamilton-Smith.

Police are appealing to anyone in the Langwarrin area who may have dashcam or security camera footage that could assist in identifying the youths to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. 

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