Dec 03, 2020

$250 coronavirus supplement – find out if you are eligible?

As the year draws to a close on one of the most challenging nine months the country has lived through in recent times, people are gearing up for the holiday season. 

Over five million Australians are eligible for the government’s “Economic Support Payments”. The payments are split in two, one in December 2020, the next in March 2021, each of $250, for a total of $500. 

As with other payments that have come through the government over the last year, there are some eligibility criteria that you must meet before being able to receive the cash. Here’s the basic information on the Economic Support Payments and how to access them. 

Who is eligible?

The first thing to note is that this is not a cash free-for-all. 

The payment is reserved for those who are receiving an age pension, a carer allowance, a carer payment, if you have a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card or a Disability Support Pension, get a Double Orphan Pension, a Family Tax Benefit or hold a Pensioner Concession Card.

You have to have either been holding one of those cards, or receiving one of those payments by November 27 2020. 

Receiving a card or payment after that date does not make you eligible for the Economic Support Payments. 

For the full eligibility criteria, read here

Who is not eligible?

Those who do not receive or hold any of the above cards or payments, and those who have received at least $1 of more of the coronavirus supplement will not be eligible for the Economic Support Payments. 

When will you get the payments? 

The total sum of $500 will be deposited into eligible bank accounts over two payments. The first $250 payment began rolling out yesterday, December 1, and the second payment of $250 will hit bank accounts in March 2021. 

How do you access the payments? 

If you are eligible for the payments, you don’t have to do anything to receive them. From yesterday, December 1, the payments began rolling out and will automatically be paid into eligible bank accounts. Then again from March 1 2021, the payments will be automatically distributed into eligible bank accounts. 

However, for the December payment, you must be in the country to receive the payment, and have had the eligibility criteria met by November 27 2020. 

To receive the March payment, you also need to be in the country, and have met the eligibility criteria by 26 February 2021. 

If you believe you may be eligible for the payment, but have not received it, you can submit a claim through Centrelink here.

For more information, head to the Services Australia Centrelink website here.

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    1. My wife and myself are both full aged pensioners. We both received the earlier $ 750 distribution, I have received this $ 250.00 but my wife has not.
      Is it still likely to be paid or has there been error.

  1. How come we only received the $250 and not the $750 $250 is not much at all because the price of everything just keeps up

  2. I Amin a single parent pension and family tax benefits and I was wandering if I’m eligible for the December $250 payment?

  3. My mum is on aged pension and also a full time carer . She wonders if she will receive 2 x 250 payments?
    I read it as as only applies to one benefit .


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