Oct 04, 2023

Accused double murderer Raelene Polymiadis frozen out of parents’ estate

Raelene Polymiadis
Ms Polymiadis’ representation said she had not received any information about the estate freeze due to her strict home bail conditions. [Source: The Advertiser]

The daughter who allegedly poisoned her two older parents has been denied access to their estate. 

Police have alleged Raelene Polymiadis administered fatal doses of insulin to her mother Brenda Anderson and father Lynton Anderson, both 94, on two separate occasions. The couple did not have diabetes, however Ms Polymiadis does, having access to the medication. 

On Tuesday, a District Court Civil Judge granted an application from prosecutors for Ms Polymiadis’ quarter share of her parents’ assets to be frozen.

Their assets include a property worth $1 million and the sum of almost $200,000, to be frozen.

The court heard probate had been issued on the Anderson’s Hackham home but the assets hadn’t yet been distributed.

“Simply to restrain the respondent having access to her quarter share … the restraint would only be on the portion of the estate,” prosecutor Jacob Slocombe asked Judge Nick Alexandrides.

Brenda, Lyndonl Raelene
Brenda Anderson (left), Lynton Anderson (right) and their daughter Raelene Polymiadis (centre). [Source: 7 News]

Ms Polymiadis’ representation said she had not received any documents from the application before Tuesday’s hearing, claiming she had been unable to provide them with instructions or materials due to her restrictive home detention bail conditions.

The defence lawyer asked for an adjournment but Judge Alexandrides granted the prosecutor’s application. Judge Alexandrides said Ms Polymiadis could make a further application in the matter but “In the meantime, the property will be restrained in accordance with the draft orders which will be confirmed by this court.”

In August, Ms Polymiadis was granted bail by the Supreme Court under special circumstances because of her medication conditions, one being diabetes. 

After two instances where she collapsed in court and in the cells, prosecutors said medical evidence proved that these instances were due to stress, and accused her of “sneaking sugar” to “manipulate” her health.

Despite this, the Supreme Court granted her bail on home detention at her son’s home under strict conditions.

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