Jul 04, 2022

Alleged attacker let out on bail hours after bashing elderly neighbour

Alleged attacker let out on bail hours after bashing elderly neighbour

An 84-year-old man who was the victim of a violent attack is scared to return home as the neighbour that he alleges attacked him was granted bail only four hours after the bashing occurred.

New South Wales Pensioner Bryan Tinker claims that he was knocked unconscious by a neighbour after he became enraged by the sound of Mr Tinker’s fly screen door slamming shut.

Mr Tinker told A Current Affair reporters that he had been using foam to reduce the sound of his slamming door while he waited for the door to be fixed, but the foam had recently worn off.

According to witnesses, the alleged attacker appeared on Mr Tinker’s doorstep and confronted the 84-year-old about his noisy fly screen door.

It is believed that the younger man then hit Mr Tinker while he had his hands in his pockets which knocked the pensioner unconscious.

Mr Tinker’s neighbour, Wayne, was shocked by the brutality of the alleged attack, saying that he went to help because his elderly neighbour was covered in blood.

The attack occurred in a quiet, public housing area in the city of Grafton, NSW, that primarily houses elderly and disabled people.

Following the alleged attack, Mr Tinker was taken to Grafton Police Station before being transported to hospital.

At the hospital, doctors found that Mr Tinker had sustained fractures to his eye sockets and nose as well as bleeding on the brain.

Mr Tinker’s alleged attacker received a visit from local police and was escorted to the police station.

However, he was released only four hours later and returned home while Mr Tinker was still in hospital receiving treatment for his injuries.

Speaking recently with A Current Affair, Mr Tinker’s son, Warren, voiced his frustrations.

“And the police let him out … he’s standing right there, peeking through the curtains, mate.”

Following the recent A Current Affair report about this incident, the alleged attacker has been re-arrested and denied bail after being charged with causing grievous bodily harm.

He will appear in court on July 18.

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