Jun 09, 2021

The Australian charity covering the cost of veterinary bills for pensioners

Almost anyone with a pet will tell you that it doesn’t take very long for an animal to become a fully-fledged member of the family.

Relationships between everyday people and their pets can obviously mean a lot, but there is no overstating just how special that bond can be to an older person. 

Elderly people are more prone to social isolation than any other age demographic in Australia, which is highlighted by the little known fact that men over the age of 85 actually have the highest rate of suicide in the country.

One of the reasons for these kinds of problems is that people can lose their sense of purpose as they reach old age, and this is what makes the companionship and responsibility of pet ownership such a positive force in the life of an elderly person.

Unfortunately, a visit to the local vet is not cheap, and ensuring the health of your beloved pet can come with the type of price tag that a lot of pensioners and disadvantaged people simply can’t afford. 

But one amazing charity is doing everything they can to ensure that the special bond between elderly people and their pets does not come to an end due to a simple lack of finance.

The Pet Medical Crisis charity was founded 10 years ago by a woman named Jennifer Hunt, after her beloved dog sustained a back injury that would require over $10,000 to treat. Although Jennifer managed to pay the bill, she knew that there were many people out there in the same position that would not be able to cover the cost of keeping their pets healthy – so she decided to do something about it. 

Vegas Fitzmaurice is the Director of Partnerships Marketing at Pet Medical Crisis, and he was nice enough to share the story of this amazing charity with HelloCare. 

“We started in 2009 because of a woman named Jennifer Hunt, who got the idea for our charity after her dog had a severe spinal injury that was going to cost over $10,000 to fix. Fortunately, she had the money to pay for the operation, but she realised that having the ability to cover these costs for a pet was actually pretty rare. And most of the time the animal ends up getting put down,” said Fitzmaurice.

“Jennifer didn’t think that was fair – so she decided to consult with some vets and spent the money out of her own pocket to start a charity to help people to cover the cost of their pets’ medical expenses. She started off, initially, focusing on helping elderly pensioners, but we have gradually been able to offer assistance to anybody with any kind of pension – be that healthcare or disability.”

Fitzmaurice added, “A lot of the time, the high veterinary bills are not actually due to the vet’s themselves, and the high costs are often due to the prices of the medications and products that are being used. But the prices can be ridiculous, especially for an older person.”

While most people think of cats and dogs as the typical household pet, Pet Medical Crisis has helped provide care to a variety of different animals that all hold a special place in the hearts and minds of their owners.

“We have seen everything, from the usual pets like cats and dogs through to horses, budgies, cockatiels and even chickens. We are called a necessitous charity, and having a pet can be vital to a person’s mental health, which in our mind makes them extremely necessary. Especially for the elderly,” said Fitzmaurice.

“If you can imagine being an older person who has a dog that means the absolute world to them, and then not having the $300 it might cost to go to a vet, that can literally mean the end of the dog, and the end of their time together.

Much like many of the crisis situations we may face in our lives, needing medical attention for a pet often comes with little warning and requires immediate attention. 

Pet Medical Crisis has made the process of accessing payment support for pets as quick and as easy as possible through the use of their website, and the hundreds of pet owners across the state of Victoria who have had their pets treated as a result of this are extremely appreciative. 

“Most of the owners send their pictures in [after their pet has received care], which is really great, and we share them on our social media. Some of them even call us their ‘angels’ because of how much it has meant to them,” said Fitzmaurice.

“People can go to our website and use the ‘Help Now’ feature to get the process started. Obviously, there is a criteria that the person needs to meet – like having a pension card. The process is very quick, because quite often the pets need immediate help, and it gets filtered through to us and then referred to their local vet clinic. We also have certain vets that give us 50% discounts.”

Pet Medical Crisis has donated close to $500,000 to the pet care costs of elderly and disadvantaged Australians, which has resulted in medical treatment to over 500 very appreciative animals.

Being a charity, Pet Medical Crisis relies heavily on donations from the public in order to be able to continue covering the costs of the veterinary of bills, so we urge anyone with even the smallest amount of spare budget to click here and make a donation.

And for those who are not living in the state of Victoria who feel that Pet Medical Crisis is a charity that they would love to see operating in their state, Fitzmaurice has one last piece of information that you may enjoy.

“We are only in Victoria at the moment, but we have already started branching out, and by the end of next year we hope to have the whole country covered.”

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  1. Please branch out soon to NSW. I have a 12 year old dachshund and an almost 8 year old cat and need something like this in NSW. I am 64 & on a disability pension and don’t have transport. We need this kind of Pet/Vet help in every State.

  2. Please come to Brisbane, My little Angel a covoodle will be 12 in May and I am 58yrs old and on a disability pension. I don’t like to see my baby in any pain it breaks my heart. I have managed so far with vet pay but Vet pay cannot lend anymore as I’m at my limit with being on a pension. Sometimes I’m in tears with not being able to have tests done for her with her cough becoming increasingly worse over the yrs. I manage to keep up the needles for her arthritis and her special food for her bowel inflammatory . Ii worry about her cough getting worse and her breathing , I need Angels for my Angel,, if she is starts to struggle to much I will need to say goodbye ! I’m crying as I type…. I just need peace of mind , she may still have a few good yrs left, but if it’s bad news I need to make her comfortable . It has just been Angel and I for many yrs, she gives me so much love and comfort as i do her. I feel for everyone that is in a similar situation. It is a wonderful charity and hope and pray you extend out to Qld.

    1. hello Colleen, I understand your heart ache, I had to say goodb to my babies, both 13yrs and brothers, I had exhausted all my funds to save one of my boy’s life, then 12mnths later the other was bitten by a small snake, I had no idea and he deterioted so quickly it was too late to save him, then my other baby became soooo ill only 11 days later,
      I didn’t have any money as I had already exhausted everthing I had, 12mnths earlier for the same little boy, When I first adopted my babies I was financially comfortable, I never imagined things would change, I had made a promise to my boy’s I would always look after them. My other baby wasn’t to make it and now their both together at the rainbow bridge, I’m sooo heartbroken, I feel that Rota(no2) would have possibly made it , but I didn’t have the money to save him, I’m sobbing thinking about the what if, I miss them so much.

  3. A wonderful article I’m so please I have been with out a dog for many years since my last dog died of old age I thought I couldn’t afford another one but after reading this article I can I’m luckily enough to live in Victoria kind regards Deborah

  4. I’m on disability. Is there any Vet in Adelaide
    as she is at end of life
    I always had Insurance until 3 years ago

  5. I hope a scheme can start here in Perth
    Costs to do blood tests is almost $200 my nice just spent $200 on vet visit and mediation to help mum out of 90 years old .

  6. I am on a disability pension , l had two min pins bitten buy a snake at the same time I am still paying the vet bill $6000 l am in NSW

    1. Hi Robyn
      Im hoping to can tell me how to get help with a vet bill I have coming up
      I have a toy poodle that was left with me about 6 years to look after ago and then the lady didnt want him back as she could how much we love each other
      The other day I had too rush my dog Prince to the vet as he was like taking fits but the vet said its his heart and I had to loan the $280 till my pay day to pay it back im fine with that but now in 2 week he has to have very bad teeth pulled and and blood test and I just dont have the money im on a age disability Pension and he has to be on heart tablet for the rest off his life
      Im hoping you get back to me so I can find help
      Thank you God Bless
      Wendy mason
      My Email

  7. Please is there something like this in South Australia,I am eighty on a pension and have a 2yr old Rottweiler who has started limping and Vets can’t find out what is wrong I am about to go though a specialist,it would be fantastic to get some help.cheers .

  8. i wish you were in perth my dog is 10 yrs and she has pyometra and needs immediate surgery its cost is 3580.oo we not well off but comfortable we cannot afford her this and we have no choice but ti put her down because perth sucks balls for compassion …

  9. Where are you located ???……I am in Tullimbar NRL Shellharbour NSW…A returned VN Vet with a little dog that I just love to bits…… I would be grateful if you could point me in the right direction here.
    Thanking you
    Greg Semple

  10. Hi are you in Adelaide yet please. We are pensioners and adore our two little dogs but they are going to need dental soon and it’s very very expensive. They don’t get any junk food and they have a combo of chicken meat and dry dog food to clean their teeth. Nether are overweight.

  11. Please come to the Sunshine Coast my dog got run over I’m in the pension and I can’t afford any of it I put a $100 deposit down that’s all I can afford this close to Easter with 2 kids I’m sure I’m not the only on in this position but it would help a lot of people out like me here on the Sunshine Coast please please please

  12. What a wonderful charity. My heart rate slowed down after reading about you we may get help for our Ruby Xx

  13. I am a carer and my client has a maltese who has been sick since he was a pup he can only eat crocodile and lives on so much medication. It costs around $300 a month for this lady, she has pet insurance but it doesn’t cover all the medication. Her dog will have this for life. She asked her vet what do other pensioners do when they can’t offord the cost they advised they just have to put the dog down. That was something she would never do. Is there any help out there for her? She lives in leapold victoria.

  14. What a wonderful organisation. I hope you can branch out to South Australia and as many states as possible soon. Keep up the much needed and appreciated good work.

  15. Thank you so much for the help you are giving all these people.
    You truly are Angels.
    I have a little Maltese that has a bad knee problem
    To old to be operated on and arthritis
    has taken most of his knee socket
    He will live the rest of his live on Medication
    But he thinks he is still a puppy

    I wish you all the best for what you are doing for pensioners
    May all the best come to you and all of your employers

  16. I would love to have had this for my dog ,she died 14 months ago from cancer and I miss her every day and I feel guilty that I didn’t have the money to maybe prolong her life longer
    This is a great idea and I hope it comes to NSW soon.

  17. My wife and I are 70 year old pensioners. Since the laws changed about how dogs are sold in Victoria we have found it almost impossible to buy a small cuddly lap dog. We use tp pay around $200 – $300 in pet shops. Since that option was removed, the breeders have a monopoly and they charge totally exhorbitant prices. All the adoption centres are charging exhorbitant prices as well for the more popular breeds when they were meant to only charge to cover costs etc. How can pensioners now compete to get a small fluffy lap dog? We’re looking for a small fluffy lap dog about 5 years old. Please respond.

  18. I’m a disabled pensioner age 61 and would like alot of financial help to have my dog desexed and vaccinated. Can you please call me on 0414 702 307 if you can help me please or point me in the right direction. Thank you. Sue.

  19. My 10 yo samoyed is having trouble with his back legs – he will just collapse sometimes or trip up and go down. I bought a $600 dog stroller to take him for walks and paid if off with afterpay. We lost our 9yo alaskan malamute to a snake bite in our back yard on 20 Dec last year – she was beautiful. I have now rescued a 12 month old irish wolf hound/kelpie and am trying to sort his life out. I am 73yo on an aged pension – i know he is going to need an expensive operation that i know i dont have. I live in Dalmeny NSW – 10 mins from Narooma. I grew up in Melbourne – Box Hill. I moved here to look after my mum and she died 4 years ago – my daughter lives here too but she cannot work after suffering a bad car accident a few years ago. Is there anything that can be done – i dread losing Phoenix after losing Waratah. I do have a good relationship with the vet but hate having to say i need to pay things off. Can anything be done?

    1. Hi Carol, unfortunately, Pet Medical Crisis only operates in Victoria at the moment. Some Vet’s do offer payment plan options but we understand that incurring debt may not be an option. We wish all the best for both you and your pets.

  20. Are you in adelaide I have a maltese who needs to see a vet desperately I’m on a pension my medication is costing a small fortune and I just can’t afford it thank you marijana

  21. I understand you are only based in Victoria at this stage, however my 15 yr old cat has become extremely ill. I am an 82 year old pensioner with a 92 yr old husband who is suffering from a host of conditions, including dementia. Between, paying for rent, household bills etc, little is left for anything else. My son, who has helped both of us over the past 15 yrs has currently lost his job and like us, has no savings. After my car accident where a 19yr old drunk driver t-boned the vehicle I was a passenger in, I was hospital for over 3 months with ongoing/continual medical issues till this day. My son, took us in so he can help take care of us, plus make our bills less demanding. It was only 2 weeks ago his current employer ceased his contract. Now, he has become extremely ill (mentally) due to the undue stress he has been put through. So what little money we all get is stretched so far, its amazing we still have a roof over our head. Now, the cat my son got me shortly after the car accident, the cat that helped me heal not only mentally but physically has become extremely ill. We have taken her to the vet twice now, but she needs to go again, however no one is able to assist us in any way. I didn’t think she would of made it through the night, but she is a fighter, but my cat has decided to stop eating, drink water and is suffering from lethargy to the point she can’t walk. When we try to give her water, she plonks her head into the bowl and lays there like a stunned mullet. My son and I are not sure if this is a reaction to the drugs the vet put her on 2 days ago or something completely different. Further investigations, overnight stay etc at the vet, I am looking at another $800-$1200. If I am lucky, This cat has gotten me through so much. The remnants from the car accident (constant pain) plus i was luckily enough to get bowl cancer several years later where I believed this would be the end. I managed to beat that. I am at a loss at what to do. I am unable to repay Buffy for all the years she has been there for me, and the vets don’t seem to care about my predicament. My son, is doing everything he can, even in the state he currently is. I came across your website whilst I lay next to my beautiful baby, feeling helpless and distraught. I didn’t sleep last night as I wanted to ensure she was ok. If I lose my beautiful baby because I couldn’t afford to pay ridiculous vet bills, I will probably NEVER forgive myself. I

  22. I do hope that you can eventually branch out to every state in Australia. I have known to go without a meal or two to pay for my furry babies vet bill. I’m not sure how your company is set up but as a non profitable organization you may be able to take donations. I know many people that would donate to such a cause, as long as they are not committed to payments. Paying a donation when they can and an amount they can afford. Wether it be one dollar or more. Every bit counts.

  23. Hi I’ve read your hellocare for pensioners needing help with their Vet bills. I have a beautiful female Catahoula dog that’s only 10 months old, she needs a hip operation to fix it. The Vet said it would be around $4,800, as a pensioner I can’t afford that. I’ve had her microchips, de sexed plus X-ray on her hip etc. I’ve spent over $2,000 on her already & she’s only 10 months old. I live in Bundaberg Qld & was wondering if you may know of an organisation here in Qld like yours. Kind regards, Mary Kelly

  24. Hello my name meaghan
    I am a single mother with a little kitten that needs to be desexed and all her shots done
    I unfortunately don’t have the money for all of this and really struggling to get the money to do so
    I honestly don’t know what to do
    Thank you 🙂

  25. I wish I had known about this a month ago. Due to not being able to afford surgery & ongoing care I had to have one of my adoptee fur babies humanely euthanised. Now my other adoptee is ill. Once again I’m in extreme difficulty as to how I’m going to afford his vet bills on a disability pension. Even though I’ve only just found out about this service I’d like to thank you very much for funding this type of help for others like me. I’m trying to decide still what to do about my 2nd furbaby. I truly don’t want to lose him as it would be devastating to lose 2 within a month. I’m just gutted atm.

  26. Hi l am on a disability pension, and have recently bought a dachshund to become a therapy dog the NDIS will pay fo for the mind dog training but not for vaccination and desexing, l have paid for the vaccination but need him vet checked for mind dog application forms to be completed and for him to be desexed can you help please regards Lilli Martin

  27. please please come to nsw soon iam 57 and on a disability pension with a handicapped daughter my little dog of 13 years has a few health issues and i am very worried about him i cant imagine life without him he has helped me through alot but to lose him because i cant afford vet bills breaks my heart thankyou.

  28. Is help in NSW available as yet.
    Thanks for doing what you do!
    My dog’s are my world 🌎🌎

    1. Hi Michael

      Pet Medical Crisis are seeking Government funding and corporate partnerships etc to enable us to expand to other states and territories. We have been inundated by requests and cannot keep up with demand. Post pandemic effects, rising rents and cost of living is putting such a squeeze on our most disadvantaged members of the community and being able to afford veterinary care is increasingly difficult but increasingly important during hardships.

      We are aiming to bring PMC’s charitable work nation-wide eventually and whichever Government party champions our cause can only find themselves quickly rising in popularity in the polls.

  29. Hello my cat helps me with my bpd got hit by a car at the cost is over 1400 and helps with medical issues

  30. I live on an island. My 12 year old rescue cat has a cyst that leaks, I took him to the vet on the mainland for a quote to remove it and they only aspirated it and told me that it will be $800 to remove it. Some months later I took him to the vet on the island where I live, I explained that I did not want a consult just a quote and I was told that the surgery would be $900. I was also charged for a consult that I didn’t want or need ie $98. This is a small simple cyst so why is it so expensive. I simply thought that it would be better to remove it now rather than allow it to stay because surgery gets riskier as he ages.

  31. Hello I’m in Qld firstly I’ve always paid my vet bills , I waited 10 yrs last year to get a puppy as we lost everything with an employer . We live in a caravan
    I got cancer my husband carer we are 66 , we came up to daughters unit as she got my cancer to look after her but our recently uninsured van got damage in storage outside with flood now need to fix thousands …we adore our poodle cross puppy soon to be 1
    I was trying to save up to get her desexed and tear vaccination when I saw she has a halazion ? Eye lump and now on other eye , do I tried the animal welfare league to see if they could help with eye describe needle etc , but it costs $66 plus treatment and yes cheap but I can’t afford at all she won’t eat I hand fed her a little it says there not painful but I’m sure she is she’s chewing feet , yes she’s a bit of a baby due to me and I’ve never asked for help anywhere but I can’t stand her in pain , she’s just come off heat first time and I don’t want her going thru it again but the eyes are worrying me , I wash with warm salty water is there anything you know of in Qld ? I’d be so grateful

  32. Good morning
    I have a brain injury and bipolar,i have been given a ragdoll cat as an ESA yet to be certified.
    I need to get her vaccinated chipped etc,can you help with this ?
    Thankyou Wayne Briggs

    1. Hi Wayne.

      Pet Medical Crisis can only assist with emergency veterinary treatment and not routine care like desexing, vaccinating and microchipping unfortunately.

      You might look into the National Desexing Network https://ndn.org.au who provide discounted desexing.

      Be sure to ask your vet if they can provide a pensioner discount. Some disability packages may have provision to help with Petcare so worth asking if you are under disability.

      Best wishes and we are sorry we cannot assist at this time.

  33. Our puppy reqires vacinations and desex willing to pay a small amount
    My sons dog he is 19 with apecial needs and is on a pension

    1. Hi Joshua-John Lill

      Pet Medical Crisis can only assist with emergency veterinary treatment. You might look into the National Desexing Network https://ndn.org.au who provide discounted desexing.

      Best wishes and we hope your son and you enjoy that new puppy!

  34. i’m single mum in private rent and in disability pension. i adopt my precious dog for my daughter. we both love our dog Roxy very much. i managed until now (Roxy is 8 years old) to pay vet bills but i can’t afforted any more. i have a pet insurance ,even that is difficult for me to pay 44 dollars a fortnight, but they don’t cover the teeth disease. i tried my best but i cannot afford anymore the 750 to 1500 except medicines and treatments every time i need to visit the vet. i adore my dog and i want to do everything i can for him. Any help out there? Annie from melbourne

  35. Please come to Perth WA, it’s very hard on a pension to have to pay for dental work on my chihuahua. I don’t mind paying some money but it’s gone up a lot since last year and my boy needs some dental work.

  36. I need too desex my dog I am a carer for my mum she has chronic airway disease her conditions so I have to look after my mum thank you

  37. my name is penny I don’t like to ask for help but I’m on carers pension looking after my husband who is on disability pension and can’t afford the urgent op that our cat Norbit has to have as he is an indoor cat but he got out Friday night and disappeared I tried everything to find him as we found a pool on blood on porch and have call around everywhere to no luck but this morning I finally found him with a broken back leg I took him to vets and they r telling me that I need $4100 to have leg amputated as his tibia is shattered
    his is such a gorgeous cat that just wants to
    be home with his puppy siblings and
    family I hope some one can help as I
    dont want to lose him he’s family xx
    Any donations would b appreciated
    Thank u for taking time to read this

  38. Hi my name is Victoria I am a single mum with a disability . For myself and my daughter the isolation at home was then prompted us to rescue to cats mum (iris who has had 5 litters to my disappointment and the kitten (Cyrus) for my daughter and my mental health the animals will help us through good and bad days and not feeling isolated as it’s just myself and my daughter in three bedroom home . The cats are needing desexing , worming and micro-chipping as essential care for the pets I cannot though afford the costs and researched and your charity came up I was wanting to ask do you help people on a disability pension , single mother like myself for some assistance to give the cats the best start they can with us .
    Mobile 0450918610

    With thanks

    Victoria kafizas

  39. Hi is your wonderful charity established in the Illawarra region I need some help please call me on 0450918610 if able

  40. Is there a organisation in Adelaide SA my friend on DSP pension can U help me miss davis

  41. So true Sharon I am applauded at the cost of vet services in Perth the vets are all about money, not a desire to help an owner or a poor animal in pain

  42. Hello my name is Dianne an my dog shadow who is 12 will be needing help with a vet bill as I have no money, I care for my son, is there someone who can help with a vet bill , I’m on central coast NSW. Plz help me . Yours sincerely Dianne.

  43. I think I read it right you will help me to FedEx my cat i have a dog to I think together it cost 500$

  44. Please branch out soon to NSW. I have a 10 year old Maltese who need his teeth out and need something like this in East Maitland NSW. I am 73 & on a age pension and don’t have the whole amount to pay $2.300. We need this kind of Pet/Vet help in every state. I’m in tears with not being able to have the work done for him Ming is all I have and its becoming increasingly difficult it has just been him and I for many yrs. It is a wonderful charity. God bless

  45. My lovely chihuahua X dog is 15 + and incontinent. He is not an easy dog as he doesn’t like people or other animals. My sister and niece are coming for a visit in October from South America. Chico can’t be rehomed. I have a heath care card and am a pensioner, 73 years old. With added expenses re my visitors, can you please refer me to a vet who would put Chico down? He deserves the best but I don’t want to pay such exorbitant rates for an injection. I live in Sydney.

  46. It would be great if you could make it all the way to Queensland and I’m a disabled pensioner and yeah getting checked because of my puppy dog thank you

  47. Hi I’m George
    I am on a disability pension
    I have a dog Molly that is a classed a disability pet.
    She needs to see a vet in my area Salisbury in SA
    She is 8 years old and dragging one of her back leg
    I am struggling with my daily costs of living and would like to find out if there is anywhere here some charity in helping me pay Molly s vet bill

  48. I am an aged pensioner and have a cat that needs a tooth out I cannot afford the expensive bill I cannot afford any extras in life she is in pain eating it destroys me to watch her after eating in pain can you put me into any direction for a little help
    I feel totally embarrased to ask but thr alternative is have my best friend put down.i will use my husbands old email address he used

  49. I’m a single mum of 5 and on a pension living in NSW. My beautiful boy Jack who is a Jug ( only a year old) needs urgent surgery to correct a bladder shunt. The surgery will cost between $8,000 to $10,000.

  50. Are you in qld yet. My aged pensioner neighbour rushed her dog to the vet today for a tic. We are hoping Curly makes it

  51. I’m needing some help with putting a dog to sleep as he is old and bitting now
    I’m not sure who to contact

  52. Wonderful ! Saving a life force that give UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for allof us to have a longer life.You are saving more then one life , this medicine can not come from a chemist shop. .

  53. i live in perth wa id like to afford a cat just the only way id afford it is if i get help i have diabetes so i have to get a routine anyway i have owned pets just i dont like it when they pass as this upsets me id love it if there was more help with financing a pet eg cat dog or fish fish can be expensive so ill leave them out just it would be nice if the association came to wa

  54. Hello I need help my chihuahua has been trying to give birth but the first pup got stuck all the emergency vets I’ve called whant 5000 up front I’m a single parent on a disability pension and can’t afford it can you help me please

  55. I’m very worried about my little Chug Lucy . I don’t know what’s wrong with her. My son was going to see if the Vet would check her today but they couldn’t do it without a consultation which was $85. I would pay anything if I had it; to help my dear little friend but my son and I haven’t even got $50 between us at the moment. I’m on a disability pension for physical problems and also survived three ruptured aneurysms and a stroke two years ago. My son is my carer.
    The price of living is making it so tough, just to keep up with the bills and food. We really need help but don’t know where to look.
    My little dog was coughing a bit and I thought she may have something stuck in her throat. She was very listless this morning, so my son drove into town, (35kms), and we had to scrape for enough fuel for his vehicle.
    We’ve checked for ticks of course but can’t find any. It’s very heartbreaking, she’s my dearest little friend of eight years now. I so wish we had some angels here to help.
    It’s a wonderful charity❤️

  56. You provide a much needed service. Animals are an important part of our lives, and getting them the help they need during a medical emergency is crucial. God Bless you for all the support you give.

  57. Isn’t that great wish was in SA as have big bill coming and have cancelled vet to perhaps later date so can try save which is difficult on pensions especially since now doc now charge pensioners fo bad if u have to make choice between animal and yourselves as most would choose there pet

  58. My 15 yr Dog (mini foxy)has recently had a pink bulbous lump on his anus and trouble passing bowel movements too I’ve noticed ,
    We have in the last year had to euthanise his parents who were 17 & 18 and loved very much! and he is our only one left we are 72 yrs old and on aged pensions my husband also suffers Emphysema stage 4. Do you have a practice here in Brisbane or know of any that offer pensioner discounts ?

  59. Hi, I’m a DSP pensioner, 64 yrs, and have a 12 yr old blue heeler cross who has suffered a ACL injury, and has had it for two months. I am watching him daily distressed and unable to walk as he should. I have managed to buy a brace and harness, but has been a waste of money. I already have a vetpay bill of $1300 that I am struggling to pay as well, on my pension. I can’t afford the $2500 option of surgery and he has a heart murmur, so I don’t know what else I can do to help him. I so want to be able to take him for walks again. He is happy dog and I love him dearly ,, as I know he is in pain. I urgently need advice on how or if there is a welfare organisation near Deception Bay, 20 klms north of Brisbane, that could possibly help “Banjo” and myself with vet costs. I am so desperate, I need some help. Thankyou.

  60. I am on a disability I’m 65 and I do not have any money to take my daughter at Echuca when she was a puppy now she’s seven years old now and I think she needs looking at please

  61. I’m a pensioner. My dog is insured with Woolworths and they won’t pay for her left hind leg cruciate ligament injury. What do I do??

  62. My little dog Benji is 4 and half years old, last week he lost the movements in the back legs, this week he is walking sometimes wobbly, I took him to the vet, X-rays showed he has a problem with 2 vertebras that push a disc. If he gets worst he will need a surgery that cost 10.000 dollars. I am an on an age pension, 73 years old widow I can not afford it and he will be put down. I m desperate, heart broken with that possibility. Please if you know someone in NSW that can help my doggy let me know. Thanks. Gracie.

  63. This is so Fantastic that someone has “Finally” thought of this. I was wondering about this years ago because it is So So So important for humans to have something to love and care about and to keep them company and can’t wait to get home to see there fur babies etc. And it is a reason for some people to get up in the morning and have a responsibility to look out for and look after rather than just them selves. Having an animal is a huge part of some people’s lives and so it should be so thank you so very much for doing this. I think it’s absolutely Wonderful and may there be more people like you guys and hope that sooner rather than later that it is Australia wide. And world wide. So please keep me in your loop and I will always look forward from hearing from you. Warm Regards Katie JJ I’m one of your biggest fans ❤️‍🩹🐾🎶💋

  64. Please come to n.s.w. I have two babies and one has cushings and arthritis the other is seven I joined a insurance fund only to find their criteria to pay for a simple ear problem was rediculous so i opted out I am a 80 year old pensioner and i would sell my house to keep my pets BUT the fees to even walk into a vets is extreme I was just quoted $99 dollars just for the consultation I am still doing the rounds of vets to find one that has a reasonable care cost Thanks for reading my frustrations JOAN CARNEY

  65. How amazing that this is set up but how sad that it is needed. I feel that veterinarians need to be price regulated.The cost difference is crazy between different vets for the exact same procedures. They can charge whatever they want . It should not be a luxury to own a pet, our companions and dearly loved fur friends.For example I paid $1200 dollars to get my girl de sexed and then found out that many other vets were charging around $650, a few were even in the $350 to $450 range. If prices were the same more pets would get the care they need.

  66. I live in Townsville got puppy needs shots,and low on finance can you help me with this request at all or a Vet near me who let me pay off .

  67. Why is there nothing like this in NSW???? I am a carer for my 89 yr old mum. We have a 13 yrd old dog who just cost us $550 in vet fees. Our cat is similar. We cannot afford this yet our pets are our life and great comfort and nurture for us both. Sadly if our pets get sick we can’t help them and may have to put them down, just because we are not rich.

  68. I have 3 cats that are my world and are due for vaccinations they are all indoor cats like to know how you can help me as I need my cats in my life and so far I’m doing ok but the vet bills are expensive for me as I’m on disability pensioner, please help.

  69. I found a puppy on the 2nd of March this year,I’m in need of help with vaccination and desexing,any help would be muchly appreciated,I’m currently on a pension and suffer with chronic PTSD so struggling to get back into life and work to be honest,My new lil mate has been named buddy as I found him when I needed someone the most and if I lose him it would destroy me

    1. Stay strong digger I come from the same game and suffer same problems. We maybe long time out of the game but we are still all there covering the flanks . We need u soldier!

  70. Hello, my senior companion MooMoo (dog) 14 years old suffered from severe pancreatitis at the end of 2022. She needed in vet care for 4 days and nights, I was sick with worry for her, not sure she was going to make it for the first 2 days. Thank out God she did and thanks to some savings I managed to pay the cost of her care. It’s 1st June today and my vet has tested her positive for Diabetics. I’m devastated that she is suffering these conditions now when she has had no past issues. I’ve had to make the decision to not give her insulin twice a day and not take glucose readings 4-6 times a day, due to my financial situation. I am a disability pensioner about to turn 70. Can you please advise me as to whether there is any financial help for me and my wee girl MooMoo? I’d be forever in your debt. I live in Brisbane Qld.

  71. I own 2x Burmese cats, age now 15 years . I have been advised by my local vet that both of them require dental treatment and an aporox. quoration for both could be $1600 each. I am a pensioner and this figure is simply not possibke for me to afford. Do you know if any Pet Care for pensioners is available in the Jervis Bay/ Nowra region of NSW?

  72. This is an amazing service, is it in NSW yet? I have a 12 year old I’ve had since she was born who needs some teeth removing and it costs about $1,300.
    I’m on a disability pension and with don’t have this money or the ability to pay it off. As a widow, with two fur babies who keep me going I don’t have any left for this surgery. They are chipped, desexed and up to date with vaccinations I’ve always made sure of that. But know with the cost of living it’s so hard for everyone. She is in pain with her teeth but otherwise very healthy. Is there anywhere in NSW mid north coast that helps please?

  73. I need help my 5 year old dog needs two back legs operated on Cost $1800 each leg. I do not have the money, but it is heart breaking watching him struggling in walking. I do not know what to do?Thank you Rita 0430 755 748, please ring if you can help

  74. I have a 7 year old French mastiff dog he needs a operation to remove a bone stuck in his intestines he’s been in vet hospital for 3 days now on a drip and fed by a syringe we need $5000 to remove the bone I am on a pension his name is Tiges and he’s a big part of our family

  75. I live in south Australia my dog is back at animal hospital they charged me $2000 9days ago because he swollowed a bone hole took him back tonight and they exray his throat and the bones in his esofilos so they want another $2000 I have no idea how I’m going to pay that I already got $2000 vet pay can yous help in any way please

  76. I need some help to have my dog have some surgery from the RSPCA she’s not a well little dog and I don’t have the finances to come up with her surgery that she needs

  77. I was wondering if my elderly mum(Judy) would qualify for help with the costs of having her 8month old kitten desexed.(Gaws Moolap have given the cost of $272.Cheers Judy’s daughter/carer Leza.

  78. This would be a life saver for many people. I understand that there are so many in need and only so many available resources. Queensland would appreciate consideration for support. I am currently trying to find the money to care for my palliative care cat (small cell intestinal lymphoma) and my dachshund cross who needs knee surgery and investigation into seizures, whilst being a pensioner.

    Currently I am unable to find any Queensland supports, so I admire your dedication to helping those you can.

    Thank you for the work you do.

  79. Jax has a congenital liver condition that he was born with, that as a fetus in the womb his shunts to the liver did not form properly , and the bi- product the live processes has rerouted and goes to his bloodstream and partially to his liver .

    A few months ago I noticed he was thirsty as anything drinking large amounts of water . We began test at the vets they tied Cushing’s syndrome , they though diabetes insipidus .. they had an ultrasound – to find his liver was small… after $3000 of tests no answers- vet said while he isn’t sick , tests can keep going and going ….

    The last week he fell sick – sickest I have ever seen him, delerious / semi blind , cramping , restless, tail clamped under him.
    He spent 24 hrs on medication and iv fluids, came home a happy dog but blood tests indicated liver . The vet called and said to bring him straight back for iv therapy as his bile acids where through the roof … and we had him booked in for a cT with contrast at Northlakes animal diagnostics.

    Jax has surgery on Tuesday. He has just started his ant siezure medication last night . Having to take 4 tablets in the morning atm and 3 at night with lactulose, I’m not his favourite person atm , so most times he checks on where I am and runs away from me if he thinks I have tablets or anything…they just know!! ….
    So he has :
    An Additional smaller shunt that will need to be tied off
    Bigger main shunt that need to be fixed
    Stones in urate stone in bladder and surgery can risk a post chance or neurological , siezure , spacey ,
    Seizures – lif he has a siezure to et them have space and give medication up the nose .. more than 2 min bring back to northlakes animal diagnostics. Likelihood of it happing is post surgery..so they will deal with it if it’s likely to happen but he will be sent home with medication just incase it does .
    Liver is small
    2 cystic structures in kidney that they will like to monitor.
    $6500 -but it may creep up to around the $9000 either the bladder stones and the tie off with additional shunt …
    Surgery date : Tuesday 31/10 : drop off 7.30 /8 am
    fast In morning
    Start keppra seizure medication now
    And him being in a happy healthy state now is a optimal good sign to have surgery rather then him being sick

    He is not impressed with the diet change and has had some of the hepatic dry biscuits not a fan of the van food so it’s nothing all day to try and get him hungry by night . He finally gave up and started on thr rice vegetarian pigs ears … as he is basically on a vegetarian diet with 13 or below% protein for the day . Any animal protein will increase the bile acids that the liver isn’t processing so it is going to the blood freak and making him sick . Can go blind, siezure and death . I’m suprises that he has lasted til 3 yo before presenting with this given his diet has been pretty much 100% meat products.

    I am on a disability pension and I am struggling badly to cover the cost of the vet expenses without resorting to euthanasia. I live with my pop whom is 90 with onset dementia and he his pops little buddy . We call him pops shadow .
    Are you possibly able to assist me ?
    Thanks Nicole dillon .

  80. What a wonderful project. I am enquiring on behalf of an elderly friend and am wondering if the scheme is in NSW.
    Kind Regards
    Jo Mackay

  81. Hope the branches grow stronger quickly..we need this assistance in NENSW.
    Our boy, Billy’s new diagnosis of diabetes is breaking our hearts..Much love to all struggling pets and their people.. Jasmine

  82. Hi, my name is Chris Wall and i live in Denison Victoria 3858. I am unemployed and have a pension concession card.i don’t have any money savings.my dog Stevie has a problem with his butt area and trouble jumping and running properly,he is a Kelpie x blue healer x border collie.he is my world and sanity, my family,i don’t have any one else, no family, no friends to help me.

  83. My local vet just refused my dog pain relief unless I paid $200 for blood tests. She has arthritis and I hoped to get her onto Beransa or Zydol on Feb 1. They offered Meloxicam to tide her over until the 1st, but only if she had the bloods. I reluctantly agreed, even though I am up for $300 for a new motor in my vacuum cleaner, and I have to see an eye specialist next month. I am on DSP. When my mother passed away 5 years ago, I inherited her two dogs she got from a breeder. I also had to move out of Sydney. I discovered after her death
    neither dog was registered. I had to pay over $500 because both dogs had not been desexed prior to six months because they had been used as brood bitches. Leaving my reasonable Sydney vet was hardest of all. The vets in the central west are extortionate compared to my old Blacktown vet. Last year the local vet wanted $2300 to do Charlie’s teeth. I had never paid more than $800 in the past. She suggested, as I was a Centrelink client, I could get the dog’s teeth done at the RSPCA at Yagoona. She would organise it. I was absolutely gobsmacked when I realised it would still cost $2300. The only difference being that I could pay what I could afford on the day, say $300-500 and I could sign a form that would allow the balance to be paid off fortnighly from my pension payment. Not to be ripped off, I took my dog to the next nearest vet 11km away. They quoted $1500 – $1900 which was still more than I could afford. I rang my old vet 2 hours away by road. He told me to bring her down for a quote. He used all the latest up- to – date drugs and anaesthesia, which meant the dog wasn’t groggy at all. All it cost was $880, covering antibiotics included.
    I don’t travel well,and need to carry Onandsetron and migraine wafers with me in case I get migraines and/or carsick.
    When the older dog died last year, fortunately the local vet was closed or it might have cost me three times the $2000 it did. I had to borrow $500 from Vetpay at 18% interest to cover what I didn’t have in the bank.
    This service is sorely needed by the elderly. Bless you.

  84. I am 69 and I live Qld I have a kitten just given to me and I would like her desexed but it is a bit expensive on a pension, are you here yet?

  85. Do you know anywhere in Adelaide that could help my 14year old cat Missy, I have looked on YouTube and by the looks it is something to do with her tear ducts and wash her eyes out daily but it doesn’t cure it. From what I’ve heard the operation to fix it could aro$1500, which being on disability I just can’t afford and she’s never been ill before. I have severe copd and she has been through so much with me. I can’t bear to think of her eyes irritating her. Thank you for reading this

  86. Please please please come to NSW.
    I see I emailed you on the 26th November 2019. My Dachshund died 3 years ago this month.
    My cat is still going well but needs her teeth attending to.
    I am now going on 69.
    We desperately need this kind of Pet/Vet help in every State.


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