Oct 27, 2021

Bride marries at hospital so terminally ill grandmother can attend the special day

Hospital bride

Avis’s granddaughter, Sean, was planning to marry her middle-school sweetheart in a couple of months. 

But to everyone’s surprise, including Avis’s, Sean and her fiancé decided to bring their wedding forward, and they held an intimate ceremony in Avis’s room at Methodist Hospital Northeast, so Avis could see her granddaughter marry. 

Sadly, two days after the emotional occasion, Avis died. 

A video by Methodist Healthcare shows the deeply moving ceremony, followed by both newlyweds emotionally embracing Avis. Heartrending music plays in the background.

A Facebook post of the video has been viewed nearly 9,000 times, while an Instagram post has been viewed almost 2,000 times.

The bride looked radiant in a cream embroidered dress and veil, carrying a posy of orange and yellow flowers. The groom was smart in dark jeans and a crisp, white shirt.

“🥺🤍 This is so beautiful,” wrote another.

“So incredibly moving ❤️”

“😢😢😢 The most beautiful souls leave us too early unfortunately but they go on to do their loving and protecting from the heavens above.”

“She was one in a million, miss you memaw!” wrote one viewer.

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