Mar 20, 2024

Colourful expressions at Laidley aged care community

Esme Jensen and Robyn Skipper hold the latest collaborative art piece created by Carinity Karinya Place aged care residents. [Source: Supplied]

Members of the Colourful Expressions group at Carinity Karinya Place have dedicated their time and creativity to produce beautiful collaborative art pieces for their local community. 

Carinity Karinya Place Activities Officer, Kerrie Kirk, said in recent weeks 12 residents have contributed to a new peacock artwork consisting of three body pieces and approximately 50 features. 

“Each resident contributed by colouring individual peacock feathers, and collectively, they assembled the vibrant masterpiece,” Kerrie said. 

“The project was not only a creative endeavour but also a collaborative effort that brought our residents together in a meaningful and engaging way.” Kerrie said art projects had inspired many residents, including those who had previously declined to engage in social activities, to develop their creative skills and foster new connections. 

Kerrie said the peacock artwork will be showcased in the Prenzlau State School library, “providing a pleasing and inspiring addition to their learning  environment”.

It is one of several creative projects recently undertaken by Carinity Karinya  Place residents and displayed at local schools.

Carinity Karinya Place residents Margaret McGourty, Merle Gardner, Gloria Clarray, Maureen Schulz, Trevor Litzow proudly show their peacock artwork. [Source: Supplied]

“In Spring, residents made paper birds and bees with the theme being ‘Spring  into a good book’. Another was clay bugs with the theme of ‘Catch the reading  bug’,” Kerrie said. 

Residents also knitted scarves with which to wrap trees and poles at schools. “We believe that initiatives like these contribute positively to the well-being of  our residents and foster a strong sense of connection with the broader  community,” Kerrie said. 

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