Aug 21, 2020

Financial support for aged care providers managing COVID-19

The Australia government has announced grant opportunities to assist aged care providers to manage the costs of COVID-19.

The Aged Care Support Program (ACSP) aims to assist eligible providers, subject to direct COVID-19 impacts, to deliver continuity of safe, quality care for consumers. ACSP reimburses eligible expenditure incurred in managing direct COVID-19 impacts, up to a maximum grant value per service.

The Support for Aged Care Workers in COVID-19 (SACWIC) grant opportunity is designed to minimise the risk of an infection occurring in the aged care sector.

More information on these grants and to determine if you are eligible to apply please visit: Support for managing COVID-19 related costs.

Workforce retention bonus second payment

The workforce retention payments grant round has now closed. If you have missed out on applying please email

Further information can be found at retaining staff on

The second payment, due in September, will be paid automatically based on the first payment. Variations are only required if your payment amount would reduce by 10% or more. If applying for a variation, please submit a variation staffing profile spreadsheet and declaration no later than 4 September 2020 to

These can be found at the Variation Request and Declaration page.

Guidelines can be found here Grant Opportunity Guidelines.

Provider enquiries on the application may be submitted in writing to:

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  1. “The government has provided grants for managing Covid in facilities”.

    Half right as usual, facilities that have Covid in their building can claim for cost recovery. For the hundreds of facilities that are spending tens of thousands on preventative PPEs, nothing. Can’t claim a cent back.
    In our case, we have spent over $80,000 keeping covid out, we will undoubtedly have to spend more but we can’t claim a cent. When this is behind us we will all have sheds full of PPEs and deeper overdrafts.


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