Jul 31, 2023

“Flagrant act of vigilantism”: older man stabs son-in-law

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Cameron Parkin (pictured, right) with his own blood on his hands after being stabbed. [Source: News Corp Australia]

Newly obtained CCTV footage has revealed the moment an older man stabbed his son-in-law at a Sydney train station.

CCTV footage from Sydney Central Railway Station showed 74-year-old Warren Greenup approaching his son-in-law Cameron Parkin with a knife in an act of revenge for alleged domestic violence against his daughter.

Mr Greenup, who was wearing a white T-shirt and beige shorts was shown to be waiting for Mr Parkin, wearing a navy shirt (pictured) at the station on December 4, 2021. Approaching Mr Parkin, Mr Greenup got out his knife and forced it into his back. 

The pair physically fought as blood poured out of Mr Parkin’s wound who then backed away from his father-in-law and ran into the terminal, screaming for help. Mr Greenup followed him.

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Mr Greenup was holding a purple canvas bag containing a month’s worth of his medications which he prepared in anticipation of being arrested. [Source: News Corp Australia]

During Mr Greenup’s sentencing at Sydney Downing Centre District Court on Wednesday, Judge Warwick Hunt heard from Mr Greenup’s daughter about the “repeated and lengthy abuse” she suffered at the hands of Mr Parkin. 

Judge Hunt told the court that none of Mr Parkin’s wounds were “actually life-threatening” and that Mr Greenup had been “seeking retribution” for the alleged acts of domestic violence against his daughter in a “flagrant act of vigilantism”.

Judge Hunt found there was “some degree of provocation” but ultimately Mr Greenup had overreacted.

Mr Greenup was sentenced to eight years in prison, to serve a minimum of four years and nine months for the attempted murder. As he returned to his jail cell, Mr Greenup turned to his family and blew them a kiss. His wife and daughter hugged each other, wiping away tears. 

He will be eligible for release in September 2026.

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