Apr 22, 2024

Gov Funds Free Flu Vaccinations in Aged Care and Disability Homes

Gov Funds Free Flu Vaccinations in Aged Care and Disability Homes
Minister for Health and Aged Care, Mark Butler has announced a new initiative to expand access to flu vaccinations in aged care and disability homes [Shutterstock Images].

Minister for Health and Aged Care, Mark Butler has announced a new initiative to expand access to flu vaccinations in aged care and disability homes.

Speaking to the press on Saturday, Minister Butler highlighted the importance of proactive health measures in light of the increasing flu cases across Australia.

Reflecting on the surge in flu cases, Minister Butler emphasized the urgency of flu vaccinations.

“Although the weather out there is utterly beautiful, it is important to say that flu season already is upon us. Already, we have about 40% more cases than we had at the same time last year. So it’s important to start talking about the importance of flu vaccination,” he remarked.

In a significant move to enhance vaccine accessibility, Minister Butler announced that pharmacists would now be funded to administer free flu vaccines in aged care and disability homes.

“Today, though, I also want to make an additional announcement to that program. And that is that we are now going to pay community pharmacies to be able to visit aged care facilities and disability homes to also deliver National Immunisation Program vaccines,” he revealed.

The program builds upon the success of community pharmacies in delivering COVID-19 vaccinations during the pandemic.

Minister Butler highlighted the pivotal role of pharmacists in expanding healthcare accessibility: “Pharmacy proved its worth over the course of the COVID pandemic: 12 million COVID vaccinations were delivered in pharmacy, paid for by the Australian taxpayer.”

In addition to flu vaccinations, pharmacists will provide other National Immunisation Program vaccines free of charge to residents.

“We’re doing that, just to continue expanding the role of community pharmacies, well qualified healthcare professionals, but really importantly, giving that convenience, those cheaper medicines and vaccines to aged care residents and that convenience for aged care providers,” Minister Butler affirmed.

“Given the unpredictable nature of the flu it is important Australians book an appointment to receive their annual flu vaccine,” Minister Butler urged, emphasizing the importance of vaccination in preventing severe illness.

With flu season underway, the expansion of free flu vaccinations in aged care and disability homes heralds a significant step towards safeguarding the health and wellbeing of vulnerable Australians.

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  1. Great idea. But with the high immigration numbers we have is it any wonder this flu season will be worse this year? I had 5 covid shots just to keep my job in the aged care sector and I feel that if my facility makes it mandatory again to get another booster shot of the covid vaccine I will have to leave. Goodness knows what the outcome of all these booster shots of of this vaccine will have on me in the future. It has only weekened my immune system.The Japanese have done research on the 3rd booster shot of their people and have found that it is responsible for cancers. But you won’t hear about that in the main stream media.


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