Sep 04, 2017

Grey Armband Day to Unite Local Communities in Fight Against Elder Abuse

Thousands of sporting teams, players, club supporters and community organisation members will take to the fields, courts, sidelines and stadiums of Australia next year as part of a new national grass roots community initiative aiming to help prevent the abuse, neglect and exploitation of older Australians.

In June 2018, the inaugural national Grey Armband Day will take place. On that day, across the country players, spectators and supporters will be asked to wear a specially designed grey armband as a nation-wide grass roots show of support and call to action. And to garner support from local sporting clubs and community organisations across Australia, funds raised as part of the campaign will be shared with those clubs and organisations that take part.

An initiative of not for profit advocacy group Greysafe, the Grey Armband Day campaign will raise funds to provide ongoing advocacy for victims of elder abuse and develop ongoing education and community awareness campaigns. It will also provide much needed 24/7 counselling and support services to some of the estimated 200,000 Australians suffering elder abuse and the estimated 75,000 of Australians over the age of 65 who are victims of crime.

“This is an exciting grass roots campaign that will not only raise ongoing awareness of the need to stamp out elder abuse but unite the local community in being a part of those efforts,” said Greysafe CEO, Michael Riley.

“And in appreciation of the commitment and efforts of clubs to get players, teams, participants, spectators and the local community involved in this worthwhile cause, we want to share the funds raised with the clubs and community organisations.”

“Having successfully tested the Grey Armband Day concept with a number of local sporting and community groups, we have opened registration for clubs and community organisations across Australia via our website,” Mr Riley said.”

“We also believe this is an excellent opportunity for innovative potential sponsors to connect with local communities across Australia and help us bring this initiative to fruition.”

“We hope both local sporting and community clubs as well as corporate Australia can you see the benefit of joining with us in this unique community awareness campaign focussed on engaging millions of Australians in leading the charge to stamp out the abuse, neglect and exploitation of older Australians.”

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