Apr 22, 2024

Have you used My Aged Care? Your feedback could influence change

Have you used My Aged Care? Your feedback could influence change
If you have used or plan to use My Aged Care, your feedback is needed. [Source: Shutterstock]

My Aged Care, the Government’s gateway website for accessing aged care services, is currently under review by the Acting Inspector-General of Aged Care Office. 

The review is led by Ian Yates AM, the Acting Inspector-General of Aged Care, who is calling for public feedback and input about the website.

The Inspector-General’s review of My Aged Care is the first time he is using his powers to investigate, make recommendations and report to Parliament on the performance of a Government entity. 

My Aged Care is designed to provide aged care service users with information about what’s available to them, plus to guide them to an aged care assessment. Users can also find a local provider and manage their services among a host of other applications on the site.

Early consultation revealed possible areas of weakness in My Aged Care with some concerns about how easy it is to navigate My Aged Care and access aged care services. Mr Yates told hello leaders that it is essential for the website to be accessible to all older people so they can secure aged care services as soon as they need them.

“It is critical that My Aged Care is functioning as intended, and is accessible and understandable to everyone, regardless of location, health requirements, cultural background, identity, or prior knowledge of the system,” he said.

“Any issues may lead to older or vulnerable people not being able to access or receive aged care in a timely manner.”

Right now, people who have used My Aged Care in the past five years to seek an assessment for care can make a submission about their experiences with the website. People who are currently using it or plan to use it in the future can also share their thoughts.

The Inspector-General wants feedback from people who have had a positive experience with My Aged Care or have had challenges with it, whether it was difficult to access the site, personal circumstances, technical issues or language barriers. 

They will also collect and consider evidence from government entities and their My Aged Care partners in undertaking this review. 

Mr Yates also confirmed with hello leaders that progress reports and interim reports will also not be published while no part of the review report of the Inspector-General will be made public until the Minister tables it.

Given the submission process has just begun, Mr Yates was unable to comment on how the feedback might influence changes to My Aged Care in the future. He said he will monitor the implementation of all recommendations made in the review report, though, and that future reports will provide an update on any progress made. 

Public submissions are open until 14 June 2024. More information is available here

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