Mar 21, 2024

Heroic great-grandma threw herself in front of falling ceiling to protect great-grandson

Heroic great-grandma threw herself in front of falling ceiling to protect great-grandson
Courtesy of 9 News

In a remarkable display of courage, an 88-year-old great-grandmother from Ascot Vale, Melbourne, became a lifesaver when she shielded her two-year-old great-grandson, Harvey, from a falling roof within her home.

Nicky was simply going about her day, caring for young Harvey on a typical Tuesday afternoon. Little did she know that a routine moment would soon turn into a test of her bravery.

As Harvey stirred from his nap, Nicky attended to him when suddenly, a loud crack shattered the tranquility. Without hesitation, she instinctively threw herself over Harvey as the ceiling started to collapse.

Her granddaughter, Nicole, recounted the incident, describing how Nicky protected Harvey from harm under her chest, shielding him from the falling debris.

Trapped beneath the rubble with Harvey, Nicky reached out for help, calling her daughter Julie. Alarmed by Harvey’s cries and her mother’s distress, rushed to the scene.

Upon arrival, emergency services swiftly rescued Nicky and Harvey from the debris. Despite the terrifying ordeal, both emerged relatively unscathed, with Nicky sustaining only minor bruises.

According to Julie, her mother’s quick thinking and bravery saved Harvey’s life. Nicky’s selfless act earned her the title of hero in her family’s eyes.The cause of the ceiling collapse was attributed to a water leak, a problem that had been noticed by relatives a week prior. Despite its severity, no one anticipated the roof’s sudden collapse.

Reflecting on the incident, Nicole emphasized the importance of Nicky’s maternal instinct, which ultimately spared Harvey from harm. To the family, Nicky’s actions were a testament to her strength and love.

When she heard the roof crack, she rolled over off the couch and sort of shielded my son under her chest,” her granddaughter Nicole told 9News.

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