Sep 28, 2020

The independent living products you didn’t expect to find at Kmart

Kmart has become known and loved for its stylish, quality homewares at affordable prices. With Kmart aficionados and “hack” groups popping up all over the internet, it’s no surprise that the megabrand has become the first stop for many people when looking for additions and upgrades to their homes. 

It was recently brought to our attention by a reader that Kmart had introduced a new range of independent living assistance tools. When we went to their website, what we found was unlike most things on the market in the same category. Home care items at affordable prices made accessible to anyone who might have a need for them. 

Kmart’s latest home assistance range is groundbreaking, as it brings affordable prices to independent living equipment. From walking sticks and pill organisers to toilet frames, shower stools and blood pressure monitors.The equipment which is usually expensive to rent, let alone own, has now been made affordable, and accessible to the public.

While the Kmart range covers the basics of home care assistant products, leaving out some of the more specialty items, it’s a great start in making home care tools widely accessible. 

Our research for other options at comparable prices was disheartening. One specialist website offered a swivel cushion at $87 (discounted from $112) while the Kmart option is priced at just $15. 

We were able to find a range of home care products offered as part of Aldi “special buys”, however those are only available for a short period of time. The special buy advertised on March 6th 2019 offered a mobility walker for $99.99. This is the closest comparable priced range we could find, with Kmart’s walker costing $89. 

However, Aldi’s offerings, while only temporary, further proves that it is possible to offer quality home care products at affordable prices. 

With nothing over $90, the Independent Living range is already getting good reviews on the Kmart website, and some items have already sold out online. 

We reached out to Kmart to understand a little of the background around the introduction of  the new Independent Living range, and received the following in reply:

“At Kmart, we’re on a mission to make everyday living brighter for Australian and New Zealander families. To designing and creating products that are meaningful for our customers; products that represent the world we live in and reflect the rich diversity of our Kmart communities.

We want all of our customers to be able to find products that they can truly relate to; and we’re committed to championing inclusion and diversity to make sure this happens. To evolving and expanding our product ranges to more accurately reflect people of different ages, genders, ethnicities, abilities and sexual orientations.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new Independent Living range with aids to assist customers with reduced strength, flexibility and coordination. It’s affordable, durable and easy to use.

We know Independent Living can come with big and small challenges…and we hope this new range helps to alleviate some of these challenges, making everyday living easier and more manageable.”

Now that Kmart has shown that it is possible to offer home care products at affordable prices, that are well received by consumers, maybe more brands will take the initiative. 

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