Interview Janet Anderson – Commissioner, Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission


Transitioning to the New Quality Standards

  • “Regulation is necessary but not sufficient”…
  • How will providers be regulated and sanctioned against the new standards?

Interview with Janet Anderson , Commissioner, Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission

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  1. Having just watched the interview with the Commissioner Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission, I wonder what planet the Commissioner lives on !

    No comment on how the new the Standards will protect aged care consumers from the disgraceful conduct reported to the Royal Commission, no comment on what immediate action a consumer can take to protect a resident who is being treated poorly [for example; malnourished, dehydrated, bullied, isolated, it all happens], no comment on how consumers will be brought into every decision making process within the Commission and the Department of Health.

    In fact almost no mention of the Royal Commission at all.

    How can we expect consumer protection and safety from a Commission which is calmly contemplating evolutionary change when what vulnerable and distressed consumers need is revolutionary change, now.

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