Jul 25, 2017

Interview with the Minister of Aged Care, Hon Ken Wyatt AM, MP

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  1. It is so refreshing to see such constructive engagement on the aged care sector from the minister in an honest and open environment and not always sensationalism that gov and media give us! Keep it up and show us more on innovation and positive real developments and improvements!


Virtual Coffee with Sharyn Broer | Chief Executive Officer

To celebrate Meals on Wheels Day, this week we had virtual coffee with Sharyn Broer, CEO Meals on Wheels SA and President, Meals on Wheels Australia. She talked about delivering more than 10 million meals each year, getting out and about on the road and the opportunites she sees for aged care in the future. All over an almond milk chai latte. Read More

Victorian government to pay people $1,500 to stay home from work

  The Victorian government is hoping that a new $1,500 cash incentive will encourage Victorians to stay home when feeling sick after a recent spike in coronavirus cases across the state forced the authorities to tighten restrictions once again. Those who are eligible to receive the $1,500 payments include Victorians who have tested positive for... Read More

7 Ways to Gather Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is more than measuring customer satisfaction, it’s vital for any organisation to improve and grow. But it’s not just getting customer feedback that makes a business better – it’s utilising it to it’s full potential. It’s one thing to simply know that there are things you can improve on, things you can change,... Read More