Aug 19, 2021

Man refusing to wear a mask pushes elderly shopper to the ground in Adelaide supermarket

Man refusing to wear a mask pushes elderly shopper to the ground in Adelaide supermarket

CCTV footage captured in Drakes Supermarket in the suburb of Aldinga Beach reveals that the incident began when the attacker blatantly pushed in line ahead of other shoppers and began screaming at the young woman behind the counter who asked that he wear a mask. 

According to police, the elderly man then began pointing at the masks behind the counter, prompting the angry shopper to purchase one, which resulted in the attacker becoming even more irate.

The angry shopper can be seen screaming at the elderly man and walking out of the supermarket, before doubling back and screaming in the elderly man’s face.

The man then gave the elderly gentleman a violent shove to the chest, which sent him flying backwards into a shopping trolley before crashing to the ground. 

Police arrested a 41-year-old man in relation to the attack on August 17.

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