Nov 30, 2023

More delays for Support at Home Program

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The program has experienced several delays since it was first proposed. [Source: Twitter]

The Aged Care Minister has confirmed the new Support at Home Program will be delivered in two stages with the second part being delayed further to 2027.

From July 1, 2025, Support at Home will replace the existing Home Care Packages (HCP) Program and Short-Term Restorative Care (STRC) Programme.

The Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP), which provides lower levels of support to older people to help them remain at home, will transition to the new program no earlier than 1 July 2027 to give all CHSP providers time to change their business systems and adjust to new payment arrangements.

This is said to ensure they can operate successfully under Support at Home and avoid disruptions for their clients.

The program has experienced several delays since it was first proposed – Originally due to launch in July 2023 before being postponed to July 2024 by the current Federal Government due to providers’ concerns.

Now, the first part of the launch will be in July 2025.

The Health and Aged Care Department plans to continue to work with HCP and STRC providers to ensure they are prepared to transition to Support at Home well ahead of the 2025 deadline.

“I have listened to CHSP providers who have advocated for more time to prepare for reforms to ensure they can transition their operations and clients smoothly.”

Despite the CHSP delays, from July 1, 2025 Support at Home will still replace the existing HCP and STRC programs.

Under Support at Home there will be improved access to services, equipment and home modifications to help older people to remain healthy, active and socially connected to their community.

Current in-home aged care programs will continue operating as normal until they transition into the new program.

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