Feb 20, 2024

Raelene Polymiadis to dispute five bail breaches

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The accused murderer was taken back into custody after police prosecution alleged she was seen breaching her home detention bail conditions. [ABC News: Evelyn Leckie]

A court has heard that alleged murderer Raelene Polymiadis, accused of killing both her older parents by injecting them with her supply of insulin, will fight the breach of bail charges filed against her.

Ms Polymiadis, 63, appeared in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on Monday for allegedly breaching her bail conditions on five occasions.

After being granted bail last year, Ms Polymiadis was taken back into police custody in January after she was allegedly seen walking around Ingle Farm Shopping Centre while on home detention and then entering her car with an unknown passenger.

Despite this, Ms Polymiadis was granted bail again for the same reasons she was granted home detention in August 2023 – due to concerns her type 1 diabetes was not being properly treated in custody after she collapsed in court. Prosecutors accused her of allegedly “manipulating” her sugar levels to strengthen her bail plea.

The hearing was adjourned by Judge McLeod until after the accused faces court to answer to the murder charges.

Ms Polymiadis was charged in July with the murder of her mother and father Brenda and Lynton Anderson, both 94, by administering lethal doses of her prescribed insulin on two separate occasions. The couple did not have diabetes.

In October, a District Court Civil Judge granted an application from police prosecutors for Ms Polymiadis’ quarter share of her parents’ assets – including property worth $1 million and the sum of almost $200,000 – to be frozen.

During Monday’s hearing, the accused was remanded on home detention until she faces court again in May.

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