Aug 18, 2023

Older veterans receive royal treatment from King Charles’ Guard

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The clip has been viewed over a million times since hitting YouTube and Twitter. [Source: YouTube]

A video of a British troop uncharacteristically repositioning for a photo with two older veterans has taken over the internet.

The video captured a mounted trooper keeping watch at Horse Guards Parade in London moving closer to the older couple who approached him for a photo – even going as far as directing his horse’s nose towards them for a pat. 

The clip has been viewed over a million times since hitting YouTube and Twitter, capturing the moment the older veterans – who looked sharp with service medals on their jackets – receive the royal treatment from the traditionally stoic Household Calvary’s Blues and Royals regiment guard.

Similar gestures captured the hearts of those on social media from a video of another Blues and Royals trooper at Horse Guards Parade last month. 

In July, a fellow guard was praised for taking a similar step toward a young man with Down syndrome for a better photo which garnered over five million times on TikTok. The kind move even got the attention of Major Steve Parker, an official at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, where Prince William and Prince Harry both attended.

“I am proud to be a member of @HCav1660 (Blues and Royals) every single day but seeing this young Trooper do this has me bursting with Pride. Well done young man, you are a fantastic example of the empathetic, strong young leaders we need in the @BritishArmy,” Mr Parker tweeted.

The Blues and Royals are one of seven regiments that comprise the Household Calvary which is now headed by King Charles, following Queen Elizabeth’s death last September.

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