Sep 10, 2021

“Special moment”: Pint-sized AFL-playing grandma becomes internet sensation

AFL-playing grandma

Angelena is an AFL multicultural diversity ambassador, and she recently posted a video on social media of her great aunt, Judy, learning to kick the notoriously-difficult-to-handle oval leather ball.

“For me it was a normal post because we do this all the time, but for the world it seemed like it was this special moment,” Angelena told 9News.

Looking for ways to stay occupied, Angelena took Judy out to their cement driveway and began to show her how the ball is kicked.

It would be fair to say Judy didn’t pick the skill up immediately. Her first effort resulted in her throwing the ball, rather than kicking it, and both great-aunt and great-niece doubled over in laughter. 

Her second attempt resulted in her shoe flying off after the ball.

Bouncing the ball was no more successful. First, the ball bounced out of shot. Then it knocked the camera over.

Despite the apparent lack of skill, both Angelena and Judy had a lot of fun along the way, and the video has obviously resonated with lockdown-weary Aussies. More than 57,000 have viewed the video and thousands have commented or liked the post.

“Keep practising Aunty Judy, and have fun,” one commenter wrote.

Another said, “I’ve fallen for great Aunty Judy… just love it.”

Angelena said her great aunt is loving the attention.

“Our family’s very much living in this fame, they’re really loving it,” Angelena told 9News.

Angelena is employed to encourage people from all backgrounds, ages and sizes to play AFL. She says her great aunt’s attempts are what her job is all about.

“To any little kids out there, go out and play,” she told 9News

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