Jul 23, 2020

Streamlining the auditing process for aged care assessments


The implementation of new aged care standards on 1 July 2019 signaled a fresh start for aged care providers and for residents who longed to have more input in the way that their care was being delivered.

The new standards gave providers greater autonomy, coupled with a responsibility to provide evidence of self-assessment. Part of this evidence must include data which demonstrates that residents feel as though their needs are being met.

The dynamics within an aged care facility can change rapidly, so regular in-house audits allow providers to collect systematic evidence of best practices and positive consumer experiences.

Remaining abreast of current trends and risks within a facility can be challenging. The need to meet these requirements has forced many organisations to embrace technology as a means of streamlining and safeguarding the way that their information is managed.

Award-winning workforce management software provider, Rapid Global, has tailored end-to-end workplace health and safety solutions to some of the world’s most well-respected care providers and organisations.

Rapid boasts a full suite of configurable workplace management software options, including the sought-after Rapid Auditor tool which eliminates the inefficiencies of paper-based auditing and makes managing the life-cycle of all inspections easy.

With tangible evidence at a premium due to the new aged care standards, Rapid Auditor removes the segmented and unstructured nature of the auditing process and empowers providers to take control.

The pathway to clean audits

The implementation of Rapid Auditor software within an organisation gives staff the power to register tasks, automate reminders, and complete their audits and inspections from any mobile device.

The information recorded during auditing processes is then stored in one centralised location, giving authorised staff members the ability to manage this information off-site through an online portal.

Rapid Auditor’s intuitive form builder technology has proven to be extremely helpful for organisations that require auditing forms and checklists that are customisable to meet diverse needs.

This includes existing Rapid clients like Catholic Safety Health and Welfare SA who utilise Rapid Auditor software across all 240 of their worksites which consist of schools, aged care, social services, and parishes.

One of the greatest advantages of a live workplace management system is receiving data in real-time, which provides clients with a clear understanding of which audits have been completed and which tasks remain outstanding.

third Aged Care Banner

This system can also be configured to automatically send reports of non-compliance to management who can then assign relevant personnel to the task of undertaking corrective actions.

Rapid Auditor can be integrated with the other tools from Rapid‘s suite of workplace management software to further improve an organisation’s performance and ensure those operating in the aged care space are compliant with industry standards.

These tools include Rapid Induct, which simplifies the induction and compliance training process for aged care staff, and Rapid Access which allows providers to streamline and safeguard the process of bringing visitors into the workplace.  Rapid has recently launched a fully contactless sign-in solution perfect for aged care facilities.

Continual improvement

The idea of paper-based record keeping and administrative processes is unfathomable for most businesses and industries in 2020, yet many aged care providers still choose to operate in this manner despite the risks.

Fortunately, the new aged care quality standards require aged care providers to have effective systems in place to monitor the care outcomes being delivered and the expectations of their residents.

And this will inevitably force more providers to switch over to digitised platforms.

In 2020 leaders in the aged care industry are driving a move towards greater technology adoption as a way of managing risk and of recognising that aged care residents deserve to live in an environment that utilises the best available tools for providing quality care.

When accreditors come knocking, aged care facility managers that have access to tangible real-time evidence are ultimately perfectly positioned to prove they are providing a low risk and compliant workplace for their employees and a healthy and safe living environment for their residents.


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