Mar 31, 2019

The Ageing Nursing Workforce: A Global Challenge

With the rapidly ageing nursing workforce globally, how will we continue to recruit the number of nurses we need to address the shortfall in the sector? Hear from Dan Levitt MSc. CHE, Executive Director, Tabor Home Society (Canada). Australian Healthcare Week #AHW19

HelloCare interviewed an inspiring female leader Kylie Ward, CEO, Australian College of Nursing on the future of #nursing, training and also the shear volume of the unregulated workforce and it’s impact on the sector.

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It’s hard to make money in aged care, and that’s part of the problem

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety on Sunday, responding to concerns about the sector one day before an ABC Four Corners program which was to air them. Aged care is where the challenges of population ageing are most apparent and where policy choices have direct impact on the lives of Australians. So, it’s... Read More

The long and short of contracture management

Free movement of our limbs is a prerequisite of mobility and autonomy. It’s something that most of us take for granted. However, as we age this freedom of movement can diminish and have significant consequences on our quality of life.  What is contracture? Joint contractures are characterised by a lack of full range of motion... Read More

‘Don’t Shift the Goalposts!’ – Are the Fears Warranted?

In just over 2 months, government-funded support for inhome care is changing and I’ve heard lots of anxiety this past year about how Home Care Packages will be impacted. Any change brings with it fear – and this can be exacerbated for elderly people living independently at home – but is it all warranted? In... Read More