Jan 19, 2017

Unexpected Hero – Meet Frank Knight (AFL Umpire & Footscray Football Trainer)

Frank was an AFL and VFL umpire hero and, to this day, is still passionate about football and continues to live an active life.

Frank has seen every side of football in his long career. Beginning as a boundary umpire at the Spotswood Football Club, his hard work and dedication eventually had him being a trainer at the Footscray Football club – now known as the Western Bulldogs.

With a lifetime membership with both the Western Bulldogs and the Reserve Grade, the Bulldogs 2016 Premiership victory was bittersweet for Frank.

Frank believes that you can only stay happy if you keep moving and was recently awarded the Lifetime Umpire Award.

Watch his story and get to know Frank Knight.
Benetas St George’s, Altona Meadows

Unexpected Hero – Meet Frank Knight (AFL Umpire & Footscray Football Trainer)


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