How virtual reality is bringing joy to aged care residents

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The lockdowns and resulting isolation of the last 12 months have been a significant challenge to many seniors. For many in aged care facilities, this period will have been especially difficult.

The risk of experiencing loneliness and social isolation increases as we get older, and studies show that living in an aged care facility can contribute to those feelings (Neves, Sanders & Kokanović 2019). Seniors, and especially those living in aged care homes, need extra support in maintaining positive physical and mental health right now. 

At SilVR Adventures, their mission is to enrich the quality of life for seniors through meaningful and joyful virtual reality (VR) experiences.

Initially offering in-facility VR sessions to groups of seniors, SilVR Adventures adapted to the needs of its customers and their residents when the pandemic hit.

SilVR Adventures launched a self-service model, providing care teams with everything required to deploy as and when they needed – no need for an outside facilitator, no integration with IT systems, and full customer and technical support.

This innovative solution delivers SilVR Adventures’ full range of virtual content and activities.

An extensive library of guided virtual tours around the world allows groups of up to 40 participants experience incredible adventures, like swimming with dolphins, or gazing with wonder at the Northern Lights.

Residents can be transported to SilVR Adventures’ virtual cafe where they can chat, share stories and play games with peers in separate locations or even other facilities.

Seniors can also watch their favourite classic movie or musical together in SilVR Adventures’ virtual theatre. They can even revisit a childhood home, wedding venue, or reminisce by sharing special photos and music among the group in a relaxing virtual environment.

To date, more than 2,000 seniors across Australia and New Zealand have taken part in SilVR Adventures’ shared VR experiences, and the company is proud of the significant contribution it has made.

In a customer satisfaction survey carried out in December 2020, 85% said that SilVR Adventures’ solution helped significantly drive social engagement among residents. A further 88% of customers said SilVR Adventures helped stimulate memories and shared stories among residents, while 82% said they are running group VR sessions at least once a week with the same residents.

By combining best-in-class VR headsets and content with an accessible and robust training and support program, SilVR Adventures empowers care teams to match VR experiences to their residents’ identities – to put smiles on faces and create something truly meaningful.

The company aims to continue to look for innovative ways to bring joy into seniors’ lives through VR and provide care teams with tools to deliver the best possible outcomes for their residents.

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