Jan 19, 2017

It’s time to Get Bold Not Old!

BOLDtober kicked off at the start of the month with the sole purpose of putting an end to negative stereotypes around ageing and getting older.

The campaign invites people over 70 to be photographed being Bold Not Old, and post it with the hashtag #GetBoldNotOld. This Get Bold Not Old initiative is part of an ongoing campaign by Feros Care to show that age is just a number, and that our older community members are larger than life.

Jennene Buckley, CEO of Feros Care said that while #GetBoldNotOld has a fun side, its real objective is to shine a spotlight on negativity around ageing.

There are real issues faced by seniors, from feeling invisible in their community, health and mobility issues, social isolation, financial hardship and elder abuse. In fact, a recent study by Brigham Young University shows that there is an increased risk of death for people who are lonely and socially isolated.

You don’t suddenly become invisible when you reach 70, or 80 or 90. Society often forgets that today’s 84 year old nana was yesterday’s rebel, with a life full of wonderful stories, experiences and probably even some secrets,” she said.

#GetBoldNotOld is an exaggerated campaign designed to bring out the cheeky side in our older generations.

Ms Buckley said “Based on the entries we received last year #GetBoldNotOld, I can promise you that seniors are not shrinking violets. Photos ranged from naked cyclists, skydivers and surfers….everything and anything you could imagine.”

All competition photos must be of someone 70 plus because it’s important to show just how vibrant and fun our older community members are.

Be part of BOLDtober and encourage your family and friends to #GetBoldNotOld.

It’s easy, simply:
1. Snap a selfie or post a pic of someone over 70 being #GetBoldNotOld
2. Post the photo or video on Feros Care

There is a generous prize to be won which provides even more reason to #GetBoldNotOld.

For more information on BOLDtober, to post you photo, or to see terms and conditions, visit http://boldtober.feroscare.com.au/

Make October a BOLDtober.

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