Mar 26, 2020

Police Shoot Offender Who Attacked An Elderly Man With A Sword

A man was shot by police in the suburb of Endeavor Hills on Wednesday night after allegedly assaulting an elderly man with a sword in Melbourne’s south-east last night.

The attacker is believed to have broken into a house to assault the elderly gentleman in what police have described as being an act of ‘family violence.’

A yellow Hyundai that was believed to be connected to the incident was spotted by police in the surrounding suburbs at 9 pm last and a police pursuit ensued.

Police then deployed ‘stop sticks,’ bringing the suspect’s vehicle to a halt in the suburb of Pakenham Upper, before getting out and approaching the driver.

The angry driver, believed to be a man in his 30s, then got out of the car and started threatening the police officers in attendance with knives.

Police then made the decision to discharge a weapon, shooting the man in his leg and bringing the incident to an end.

In an article on  MSN News, Superintendent Mark Langhorn said police had “no choice” but to fire the weapon.

“The male that’s been shot by police was involved in a family violence incident,” he said.

“He’s broken into a house and assaulted an elderly gentleman with what we believe is a sword.

The incident is currently under investigation and the offender who also suffered gashes to his head was taken to The Alfred hospital for treatment.


Photo Courtesy of iStock – credit – STRINGERimage

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